Sunrise Cabin

2-Bedroom / 2 Bathroom Cabin

Cabin Description

This spacious 2-bedroom non-smoking cabin was built in 2003 and is located in the front row, just 110 ft. from the lake and has a lake views. It has 2-bathrooms, washer/dryer, gas fireplace, kitchen with dishwasher and private deck. This cabin has forced air gas heat and air conditioning.

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Satellite TV

When the indoors calls, or on an occasional rainy day, our cabins offer a variety of channels on satellite TV for your entertainment.

2 Queen Beds, 1 Twin Bed, 2 Bathrooms

The perfect size and configuration for a small family or group of friends.

Washer and Dryer

Don’t worry about getting a little dirty, or sand in your drawers. A washer and dryer in your cabin will do just the trick.

Kitchen with Dishwasher

Who wants to hand wash dishes on vacation? Our kitchens have dishwashers to help you enjoy your vacation even more!

Private Deck

Relax, play games, have lunch or chat with your neighbors on your own private deck.

Air Conditioning

On those hotter than normal days, get out of the heat and enjoy the air conditioning in our cabins.

DVD/VCR Players

Bring your favorite movies and recordings for the family to watch. Our cabins have DVD/VCR players.

Electric or Gas Heat

Yes, besides winter, there may be days in the shoulder seasons where you might want to take the chill off.

Lake Front Cabin

Everyone likes being in the front row, well… most of the time. This cabin offers close proximity and views of Little St. Germain lake.

Gas Fireplace

Not only does it provide a nice cabin ambiance, but it can help take the chill off when relaxing in the cabin.

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